It's 2005 in Sweden's most boring town. Mattias is fifteen, a bit of a slob, a loner and gay. Though he's never told anyone he likes guys, the rumors are flying and he's sick of feeling like the school fag. A queer. Home life isn't much help. Mom is a bitch. Dad is sad. Sister is the favorite. After he comes out to his super religious best friend and prettiest girl in school, Tove, everything changes.

For Mattias, life goes rainbows when a handsome stranger opens the door to a glamorous apartment and an eye-opening world of cool friends and thrilling new experiences. First kiss. First love. First Pride. His previously boring small town existence becomes exciting, electric and full of possibilities.

Yet while it gets better for Mattias, life takes a turn for the worse in the seemingly perfect world of his friend Tove. After a naive act of kindness violently backfires, she questions her faith. Deeply ashamed, Tove spirals into depression, panicking her friends and spurring Mattias to action.

Together, this most mis-matched pair of middle school friends-"Beauty & The Beast," as Mattias calls them-share a heart-wrenching year in which both experience the pain and joy that are inextricably intertwined in trust, truth, love and above all, friendship.

English speaking readers will enjoy this look into Swedish teen life and fun customs like "fika," "Chiquita pizza," and "schlager music" which are handily explained in the included glossary.

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Being Alice

They’ve called her Oliver since the day she was born. Alice hates that. She has never been or ever wanted to be Oliver. Alone, abused and suicidal, Alice yearns to break free “from the lie that has been my life.” That life changes forever the day she meets her fairy godmother, the wise and witty Vincent, a genderfluid drag star named Ursula Undress. Under Ursula’s wing, Alice embarks on a tumultuous, bittersweet and empowering journey to become herself.

Told through letters to Alice’s beloved Aunt Esther, “Being Alice” may be fiction, but the experiences and inspirational wisdom within are very real, based on interviews with ten trans and intergendered contributors.

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Shattered Glass

For Mikael and his friends Bella, Erik and Kasper, real life is as complicated for them as it is for the rest of us. Mikael flees his parent’s crashed marriage. Conservative Bella changes her mind. Erik discovers a horrifying secret about his own past. Everyone’s buddy Kasper is in love, but invisible to the one he loves. Together, these four friends form the family Mikael has been missing, his chosen family. Painful experiences, once shared, only bind us together. Just below the scars, friendship, love, laughter await. We’re all a bit broken, but our friends make us whole.

“Shattered Glass” is autobiographical, based on the life experiences of author Marcus Tallberg, from alcoholism, drug abuse, and rape…to love.

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NEW: The Orphan - Out February 16th

After the Disaster, the ice caps are gone. The planet is toxic. The world's remaining superpowers have united as Ela, a para-military planet-nation governed by the authoritarian President Daegal. On a mission to restore the world to its pre-Disaster glory he rules the people of Ela by fear, violence and propaganda. Frequent terrorist attacks are blamed on the hated and hunted Tabia, people born with superhuman powers, who appeared after the Disaster.

When the President's military school Bionbyr drafts Freija for mandatory service, she does not resist. She dreams of saving her struggling orphanage home with the salary she'll receive once she completes her training. Far from the rusting towers and rotting streets of her hometown, Bionbyr is deceptively luxurious, an enormous glistening white dome floating between shrunken, lifeless continents.

It is here that Freija and her orphan sister Embla, implanted with microchips, tracked, observed, and tested, discover how far the Authority will go to preserve the dark secrets of Ela. And how far they must go to preserve their own.

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Minority Stress and being a Dandelion Child

Having been sexually abused at 13 years old, being an alcohole addicted at the age of 16, coping with the parents' violent and devastating divorce, and suffering through depression, anxiety attacks and suicide attempts.

How do you bounce back up when you have hit the bottom? Marcus' answer to that is; "When it feels like you've just been buried, you've really just been planted like a seed."

Based on research on minority stress together with own experiences and perspectives (also used in his books), Marcus takes you on a journey where there is a light above the dark soil.

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Help with your writing projects

Do you need help realizing a writing project? Do you carry a story that you want to present in book form? You will get honest and constructive criticism that hopefully will elevate both you and your writing. I'll help you with advice and suggestions to better convey your story.

Services offered for both short and long assignments:

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Dare to write

Every author was first a reader.

This course is about daring to write freely, without barriers or restrictions of societal norms. It's not as scary as you might think - but you have to dare to take the plunge.

In this course you will learn to listen to yourself, not to give up and to ignore those who say that you can't write - because no one knows what you have inside. In this course, we talk about how to create memorable characters, how to write realistic dialogue, and how to use our own experiences in stories so that others can relate to them.

How do you write about things that you don't even dare to talk about? Let no one silence your voice. You are the owner and have the rights to your own story.

Marcus will also give you suggestions and ideas on how to proceed once you have finished writing your book. How do you contact the publisher and what happens when your script is being accepted?

Welcome to Marcus' course "Dare to write".

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