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Books are available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and other bookshops. If you can't find the book, please contact us!


Böckerna finns att köpa hos din återförsäljare. Alla böcker finns tillgängliga som e-böcker.


Books are available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and other bookshops. If you can't find the book, please contact us!



Minority Stress and being a Dandelion Child

Having been sexually abused at 13 years old, being an alcohole addicted at the age of 16, coping with the parents' violent and devastating divorce, and suffering through depression, anxiety attacks and suicide attempts.

How do you bounce back up when you have hit the bottom? Marcus' answer to that is; "When it feels like you've just been buried, you've really just been planted like a seed."

Based on research on minority stress together with own experiences and perspectives (also used in his books), Marcus takes you on a journey where there is a light above the dark soil.

Writing services

Do you need help with your writing? Services offered for both short and long assignments:

- Copywriting

- Chronicles

- Articles

- Manuscripts

- Transcribing

- Translation (English to Swedish)

Help with your writing projects

Do you need help realizing a writing project? Do you carry a story that you want to present in book form? You will get honest and constructive criticism that hopefully will elevate both you and your writing. I'll help you with advice and suggestions to better convey your story.

Services offered for both short and long assignments:

- Reader service (lecteur d'arrêt)

- Editor service

- Ghostwriting

Writing course:

Dare to write

Every author was first a reader.

This course is about daring to write freely, without barriers or restrictions of societal norms. It's not as scary as you might think - but you have to dare to take the plunge.

In this course you will learn to listen to yourself, not to give up and to ignore those who say that you can't write - because no one knows what you have inside. In this course, we talk about how to create memorable characters, how to write realistic dialogue, and how to use our own experiences in stories so that others can relate to them.

How do you write about things that you don't even dare to talk about? Let no one silence your voice. You are the owner and have the rights to your own story.

Marcus will also give you suggestions and ideas on how to proceed once you have finished writing your book. How do you contact the publisher and what happens when your script is being accepted?

Welcome to Marcus' course "Dare to write".


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